Vanessa works on multiwavelength observation of massive X-ray binaries, their evolution and their role as tracers of star formation, both in our own Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds. At the moment, she’s looking for the binary progenitors of massive X-ray binaries, and other unusual binaries that may provide insights into the effects of accretion on the evolution of massive binaries. She’s also particularly interested in how the Be stars circumstellar disc influences the accretion processes in Be X-ray binaries. See her student’s paper on this topic.

She is a member of the ThunderKAT and TRAPUM large survey projects that will run on MeerKAT. She has also been heavily involved in the MeerLICHT project, which is an optical telescope that will provide simultaneous imaging of the MeerKAT field (at night, of course).

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